Avery Blair Rollins

Basically, like they say, the second one is a lot quicker. Cindy's labor pains started up around 3:30 AM, and we went to the hospital at around 8:00 AM. The labor was quick, with no time (ARRRRGHHH!) for Cindy to be given anything to deaden the pain.

The only hairy moment came when the upper part of Avery came out, with a) the cord around his neck, and b) an actual overhand knot (neonatal gymnast or what?) in the umbilical! The doctor (who was amazingly cool about it, but he and the staff knew what they were doing) said some sort of medical code words which I don't remember, but were more or less "we have exactly 60 seconds to get this baby out and breathing"

He clipped the cord with hemostats, cut it (remember, the baby is not breathing yet) and told Cindy to push. She pushed, while a nurse DROVE HER FIST into Cindy's stomach to push the baby out by his butt. Avery popped out, was carried over (purple and not breathing, mind you; fortunately Cindy couldn't see any of this, but I swear it took 5-10 years off my life) to the table, where he was suctioned out. The ventilated him briefly, then he began SQUALLING, turning a healthy light pink color in the process.

Although it seemed like 10 - 15 minutes, the actual elapsed time from when the cord was cut to the crying was about 45 seconds!

Afterwards the Dr. told me how the cord around the neck is not as bad as it sounds, but the knot is scarey, as any tighter in utero, and...

I was tempted to name Avery "Lucky", although that will always be my nickname for him.

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