The Blair Group offers cost-effective solutions to environment and safety compliance issues. The Blair Group can perform ergonomic, safety and/or environmental audits, conduct industrial hygiene sampling, give training sessions, assist in program development, help with permit submittals and even formulate product MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheets).

We pride ourselves on thorough, efficient audits. Information is collected during the inspection using custom-designed software on a Newton. Any items that need to be photographed are shot with a digital camera. These images can be placed in a report for clarity or added emphasis. Due to these modern data collection methods, draft reports can be available in as little as two days.

The Blair Group is a woman-owned business, listed with the U.S. SBA (Small Business Administration), I.D. No. 99-906-6145.

The Blair Group also has available environment, industrial hygiene and safety related software

Those looking to brush up on professional industrial hygiene skills, train staff, or studying for the ABIH certification exam should look at IH Tutor II (Macintosh). This program contains over 1,000 questions, complete with references, flashcards and formulas. The program costs U.S. $199.95 for single-user, U.S. $299.95 for a site license, and requires HyperCard 2.0 or higher.

The U.S. DOT (Department of Transportation) publishes the Emergency Response Guide, an invaluable reference for first responders to a chemical spill.

The Blair Group offers MacDOT (Macintosh), WinDOT (Windows) and NewtDOT (Newton); computerized versions of this little orange lifesaver. These feature searchable chemical and UN/NA lists, and color placards (monochrome on Newton). You can easily find a chemical name, and jump right to the Guide Number or Isolation Table.

The Macintosh and Windows versions require Claris FileMaker Pro 2.0 or higher and about 1.4 MB of hard disk space; the Newton version requires any Newton with about 1,400 K free.

The Macintosh and Windows versions cost U.S. $119.95 for single-user, U.S. $199.95 for a site license. The Newton version costs U.S. $79.95 for single-user, U.S. $159.95 for a site license. Fire and Police Departments receive a 20 dollar discount.

The Blair Group can also design a custom database for industrial hygiene data collection. The price varies with project. Please contact us for information and a free demo disk.

For a free demo disk of any product, send e-mail with your name and address to ""; be sure to state your computer type and software requested. If your browser supports forms, please choose this link.

Please contact us for Corporate licenses on any product or a list of references.

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