Newton Alarm / Time / Date Enhancements

These reviews represent the opinion of the reviewer. Note that if a shareware feee has not been paid by me, it is because I have tried your product(s), but do not use them. The fact I do not use them does not mean they are bad products.

AlarmPak (Newton 2.1 OS tested)
Have you ever shut off an appointment alarm on your Newton, then forgotton abot the meeting? Wouldn't a "snooze" button on the alarms be great? Have you turned the sound off, and an alarm goes unnoticed because you weren't looking at the Newton's screen? You need AlarmPak from Atomic Software. This software lets you snooze alarms, and lets you set the alarm sound and volume independent of the Newton's default.

Allows you to set up multiple locatities, so when you drive from one area code to another you can globally change area code and time zone with one click. A great little gem from Ben Sharpe, e-mail address B

Sound to Soup (Newton 2.1 OS recommended)
Not an alarm per se, but it allows you to record a sound to use as an alarm! From DMP Systems.

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