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These reviews represent the opinion of the reviewer. Note that if a shareware feee has not been paid by me, it is because I have tried your product(s), but do not use them. The fact I do not use them does not mean they are bad products.

Wow - a fully POP/SMTP compliant Internet mail reader for the Newton. You need to make sure your ISP's server has POP3 and SMTP daemons running. You can test this by telnetting to ports 110 and 25 respectively from your Mac or PC when connected to your ISP. If you get a connection, then the daemons are there. Type `quit' to disconnect from the ports. Note that even if one of the daemons isn't available, you can still use some of eNotes functionality. POP3 handles retrieving mail from the server, and SMTP takes care of sending.) If your server is UNIX based, it must have the 'srialpop' program installed. Other servers must offer an interface for dialup POP3/SMTP that is similar to srialpop. A product of Eclipse Software, e-mail address

Aloha (Newton 2.1 OS tested)
Of course now that e-World is officially dead. Aloha offers the best bet for those road warriors who need to stay connected. This is an unofficial e-mail client for America Online; future versions of AOL may break this software. Available for OS 1.x & 2.1, from Catamount.

Eudora (Newton 2.1 OS must-have!)
This was my choice for e-mail; as I don't use AOL (I used to, then I got better). Much nicer than the free application that ships with the MP2000. From Qualcomm. Free too!

Merlin Wireless Modem
This wireless IP modem is great, be sure to review the lengthy set-up file.


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