Newton Fun Stuff

These reviews represent the opinion of the reviewer. Note that if a shareware feee has not been paid by me, it is because I have tried your product(s), but do not use them. The fact I do not use them does not mean they are bad products.

GM1.5 (OS 1.x)
For those of us who suffer from PDA Envy, here's a Newton OS shell that duplicates exactly the look and feel of General Magic's Magic Cap OS that runs on the Motorola Envoy and Sony MagicLink. From theObjectPartnership who allegedly was sued by losers from General Magic with no sense of humor to remove this software from commercial on-line services. Send me an e-mail, and perhaps I can find you a copy!

LlamaDOS (OS 1.x)
Named after the cuddly, doe-eyed mascot of the Newton Development team, this program gives the Newton a DOS-like interface. Complete with boot-up sound, this is a good way to shut someone up who looks at your Newton, and whines, "it's nice, but it doesn't run DOS, does it?" From RegSoft, e-mail address

PwrGsm (OS 1.x)
This program is a battery monitor which plays the fake orgasm sound from "When Harry Met Sally" when the charger is plugged in. A button is also provided to "Fake It"..Great for when those Friday afternoon meetings start to drag. Authored by James Thiele, mail address

Tricorder (OS 1.x)
A Star Trek The Next Generation tricorder simulation for the Newton. Just plays digitized sounds, but it's fun, especially for your Trekkie friends that don't have a life. From Marty ---, mail address Banned from many sites by Paramount, the Star Trek copyright holder. Send me an e-mail, and perhaps I can find you a copy!

Yak (OS 1.x)
This gem from John Saccente, Houston, TX - and its companions NoteYak and yakcontrol allow the Newton to speak! Sort of like MacInTalk when first released, this nevertheless works very well, supporting 4 voices, and an editable pronounciation dictionary. Note: not for the MP2000!!

Simpsons (Newton 2.1 OS tested)
This is - believe it or not - a video clip, with sound - from the Simpsons cartoon where the Newton guest starred. From Lee Moon.

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