Geared Locomotives
The three most common geared steam locomotives had several similar traits. They had the uncanny ability to traverse poorly-laid, uneven track. They could go up steep grades and negotiate sharp curves that would defeat most conventional rod engines. And most important of all, they were very unusual in appearance, owing to their design and construction.

I am speaking about (in order of first appearance) the Shay (also pictured above), the Climax and the Heisler.

Also, to a lesser extent, the Willamette (Shay variant), Dunkirk, locos from Baldwin, and unusual items such as those from Sykes, and others.

To see a basic comparison between a 2 truck Shay, baby Shay, Climax and Heisler, choose this link.

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When does a Shay not look like a Shay?

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To see a narrow gauge (HOn30) model Shay choose this link.

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