Electrical Circuits you can build!
One thing I have tried to do is not show a schematic drawing. I feel that this scares many people away from electronic projects. For those who know how to read a schematic, please do not feel insulted.

Please note that the color codes on the resistors in any of these drawings are not accurate - the written descriptions are, but the color codes in the pictures are not.

If you have a favorite circuit, send me a copy and I'll try to include it here. Many of these circuits come from Model Railroader, Railroad model Craftsman and numerous electronic hobby magazines. Sources of parts include Radio Shack (1-800-843-7422), Digi-Key (1-800-344-4539), All Electronics (1-800-826-5432), and Mouser (1-800-346-6873).

All pictures were created with ClarisWorks, from Claris Corporation.

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