Newton Database Software

These reviews represent the opinion of the reviewer. Note that if a shareware feee has not been paid by me, it is because I have tried your product(s), but do not use them. The fact I do not use them does not mean they are bad products.

Notion (Newton 2.1 OS recommended)
I'm a big believer in Notion, the Newton list manager, from Eidetic. This program allows you to set up a list of items, with multiple choices in different categories. You can also make your own list, on almost any topic. I use custom-designed forms for my model train inventory, and to record items noted when performing environment and safety audits. There are other more expensive products available, but Notion is cheap, quick and easy to use.

PowerForms (Newton 2.1 OS tested)
I have also used PowerForms a bit, and like some of what it can do. It has multiple data entry screens (unlike Notion), and a bit better desktop connectivity. Unfortunately, there is no announced plan from HeralthCare Communications to update it to fully take advantage of the Newton MP2000.

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