I enjoy model railroading - HO scale thank you. I build modules that vary in width anywhere from 1 foot to 3 feet, with lengths ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet. Each module has a separate setting (even different decades). I have completed a switching yard, a small industrial park, and a farm scene. The common thread is that all modules are connected by a mainline that runs through them all. In this way I can easily move freight from module to module, and also run one train continuously around the basement, while jockying another in its particular setting.

Narrow Gauge HO
I'm also starting to get into HOn30.

To see my information on this topic, as well as projects to build, choose this link.

One of the best resources is the HOn30 Mail Car.

Electrical Circuits you can make!
One thing I have tried to do is not show a schematic drawing. I feel that this scares many people away from electronic projects. For those who know how to read a schematic, please do not feel insulted. Also, please note that the color codes on the resistors in any of these drawings are not accurate - the descriptions are, but the color codes in the pictures are not. Also, if you have a favorite circuit, send me a copy and I'll try to include it here.

Some of my favorite engines include a tiny Mack Truck loco (136k) - see top of this page also - made as an unpowered casting from On-Trak Model Products. I installed a Northwest Shortline drive unit, and added numerous details and a constant lighting circuit.

I have also finished a Keystone Locomotive Works Shay powered by a NWSL drive kit. Not for the squeamish, but when done you have a 3-inch Shay that runs like a Swiss watch. In the Tips section is information on how to improve the running quality of this kit.

I also like the MCD/Roundhouse Climax and Shay. A noisy, ugly little thing, but I love it just the same (sort of like Kramer "he's an ugly brute, yet I can't look away".). The MDC Shay is a tempermental beast to build, but if you take it slow and follow the directions to the letter, it will run fine. I highly recommend the new can motor upgrade from MCD/Roundhouse, and the book on building the MDC/Roundhouse Shay..

Geared Locos
As you can see from above, some of my favorites are geared locomotives. The Shay, Climax and Heisler represent the epitome of convergent solutions to the problems that often face(ed) logging railroads.

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